Stands for: Texels Eigen Stoomboot Onderneming. They will take you to the beautiful island of Texel in about 20 minutes crossing. There is a ferry every hour and every 30 minutes during busy times. For the right sailings, look best on the TESO website.
Bicycle rent
Bikes can be rented at our reception but you can also rent your bikes online, they will be ready for you on arrival. For electric bicycles we advise you to reserve these in advance.
For all your transport from, to and on Texel. To avoid disappointment, we advise you to book in time.
Texelhopper/Public Transport on Texel
When traveling with Texelhopper, you have the option to choose for the fixed lines (large buses line 28) line 28 is a fixed route with a fixed schedule. Flexible route (mini-buses) reserve at least 30 minutes in advance.
Very handy! You fill in the order form that you receive on arrival. The sandwiches are hung in the morning at the door of your apartment. You only need to grab them yourself, then you can enjoy breakfast. You can only hand in the order form during the opening hours at the reception.
Parking on Texel
Paid parking on Texel applies to all villages and at all entrances to the beach. With a Texel e-vignette you can park carefree anywhere on Texel. The Texel e-vignette is a digital parking card. You can buy the Texel e-vignette online or at the parking ticket machine.